It’s a Subway Situation in the Bathroom

I never tire of Subway tiles, I know they have been around forever, well since early-twentieth century anyway. Originally gracing the walls of the subway in New York, who would have thought that they would become a design favourite – creating  such a classic look.  I love the way you can bring a little more edge and attitude to the room by merely having a contrasting grout colour. Personally I love the white subway tile with a dark grout and some gorgeous brass tap ware – for the bathroom.  And it’s the bathroom that I’m interested in at present, as myself and a client embark on their bathroom renovation – with so many ideas that need to be fine-tuned, here’s a few of my favourite images for inspiration.


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Image via  Incredible to note that this image is a computer rendering by Studio You Me , so talented.



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Monday Reveal

Ok so I think it’s time to cough up some images of a house I have been working on.  It’s a new-build and I will try and post some ‘before and after’ images each week.  As each post goes up I endeavour to tell you more about the job, and let the house ‘unfold’ so to speak.  Needless to say, the busy ‘young’ family of four have moved into their gorgeous home.  It’s a home built for entertaining and as such has had a busy first few months.  Now all the party animals have retreated back to their own homes (albeit temporarily) and put away their cozzies we had a chance to take some photos.  We still have a bit to do, mainly decorating with rugs, artwork, some big furniture pieces and some finishing touches in the lighting department, but the look and feel of the home is becoming established.   

For the first ‘Monday Reveal’ is the kitchen.  Here’s a picture taken just before the cabinetry carcasses went in (temporarily).

Picture taken with cabinetry carcasses and pendant light over island bench installed

And….here we have how it looks today (well, just after the cleaner has left..I did mention family of four right?…plus one HUGE dog).

We’re really happy with how the kitchen turned out.  The Corten tiles on the back wall look amazing in natural light and just as impressive at night with the pendant light on.  All cabinetry is coated in a two-pack finish.  A warm white for the wall cabinetry and a deep charcoal/brown for the island bench.  All benchtops are in Caesarstone ‘Urban’. The kitchen overhead light fixture is the Toss B ‘Sphere 7’ from Hub Furniture.  Stools are from Kendall.  As you can see we decided against going with a sleek white kitchen.  Even though the house is a very contemporary design (I will have to get a good pic of the exterior, quite incredible),  the materials and colour palette used in the kitchen and other areas of the home help to soften its edges and give the house it’s personality – they create warmth and character, and don’t appear too prescious, just like the family who lives here. 

I hope you like my little ‘reveal’ and I look forward to posting more about this home, and other jobs along the way.

Enjoy your ducted heating tonight…better go and catch the last half hour of ‘Revenge’.