What I’m Diggin’ Right Now

I’m back…let’s not go into how long it’s been, but a bit has happened, needless to say Live-Breathe-Style has had a bit of a freshen up and I have lots of awesome ideas, images and inspiration for you to enjoy. Let’s kick off with a roundup up of things that ‘I’m Diggin’ Right Now’.

light and rug I love everything about this space above. I came across this image on The Style Files and although I tend to go for a lot more colour, the textures, materials, height of the ceiling, scale of the furniture and lighting make it a truly captivating space. The Z1 Black pendant in particular caught my eye. I am a massive fan of Ay Illuminate design house based in the Netherlands. They work with beautiful natural materials to produce the most exquisite range of lighting, basket ware and ceramics. This pendant light is no exception.

The rug, another of my personal favourites, is a traditional Beni Ouarain carpet.  These are made by the Berber tribes of the North-Eastern Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They were traditionally used as bedding to keep warm in the cold winter months.  These rugs, understandably fetch a fair price – upwards of $3000 for a decent sized Beni Ouarain.  Kinda out of our price range at this point in time, but I did notice that Freedom Furniture  have a very decent version of this rug, the Moroccan Boxes Floor Rug.  It is a combination of cotton and wool, but it actually looks pretty good.  Even better, it’s on special –  $379 for a 300cm x 200cm.  It might just get me by until I can fork out for the ‘real deal’. 

Coco and Milo


How gorgeous are these cushions? They are from a small homeware company called Coco and Milo.  They have a quirky, eclectic mix of cushions that feature on the  Made It online market. In particular I love the Handprinted Scandi Aztec cushion, that also comes in black with the gold fringe. 

pineapple lamp

Next on the list is this gorgeous bone china Pineapple Lamp from Have You Met Miss Jones. It featured in last weekends Sunday Age, ‘Home Style’ lift out.  It would be the most adorable, quirky addition to a child’s bedroom.  The lifestyle company Have You Met Miss Jones, continue to produce exquisitely crafted, interesting and unique products. They started out specialising in white bone china products, but have now expanded to include clay pottery, porcelain, wood, resin, recycled glass and lacquer.  Jump on their website and see all the quirky goodness for yourself.

teatowels gallery


One of my favourite Australian artists, Rachel Castle, has released a range of screen printed Tea Towels. There are 4 in the range and they are designed with the intention to frame and hang.  They are a limited edition (just 100 of each design), and a fantastic way to have a little piece of Rachel Castle in your home .  Rachel’s whimsical paintings, embroidery, screen prints and range of bedlinen is exquisite and she has a huge following in Australia and Internationally (deservedly so). Lucy Feagins from The Design Files posted a fantastic interview with Rachel, back in 2010, well worth a jump over. 

castle bedding

rachel 2

rachel 1


To finish off my little (big) list of things I’m lovin’, here’s a little fashion.  I’m still struggling with the fact it will be Winter in just over a month so I still managed to slip a few ‘Spring’ like pieces in there. Although considering I am one to wear thongs in the thick of winter (with a scarf, beanie and coat mind you) it’s probably not all that unexpected.

leopard loafers

Leopard print (or Ocelot if you are that way inclined) is still EVERYWHERE….scarves, bags, shoes, pants, jackets, coats, hats.  But for damn good reason.  It looks great with just about anything.  You can clash prints, or keep the rest of the outfit simple…it adds interest, colour and seriously for $50 (try Shopbop) these super cute Soludos look super comfy, and again – could be trotted out any season – gotta get me some of these.  With distressed denim, white T-shirt, you’re good to go. 

Milano and Arizona Birkenstock

Ahhh yes the old Birkenstock has made a comeback (did it ever go?).  The last pair I had traipsed all around Europe and were with me for quite some time thereafter. The ‘it’ sandal for Spring/Summer (and look Winter with a pair of woollen socks? Yes?) is the Birkenstock.  Yes it’s on trend, but sooooo comfy, so might just be jumping on that bandwagon once more.  The latest style being touted around town is the Arizona (in black or white….let’s go black for Autumn/Winter shall we?) .  

asos leather jacket

This brown leather jacket by Mango, a Spanish clothing company (available via Asos) looks amazing.  It’s REAL leather, and ON SALE (from $344 down to $223) BARGAIN. Autumn, Winter, Spring…..done.  I know the black leather bikers jacket is getting it’s fair share of publicity, but for me, brown leather fits the bill. Not as harsh, and perhaps a little more ‘versatile’ for my lifestyle (as a Mumma). 

free people jacket‘The Light Shining On Me Jacket’ jacket by Free People  is the perfect little jacket to throw on over boyfriend jeans or some ‘skinnies’ with a white T underneath.  Stunning during the day or night, this little jacket is on my list for spring.  It has crochet accents and a layered trim that gives it that edge. I love pieces like this, because as you look at it more closely you can see more and more detail.  An interesting piece that will get heaps of use. Tick.

Right o, I’ve broken the drought.  Looking forward to getting stuck into all things design, decoration, fashion and food….

Thanks for stopping by.


Indoor plants: bringing the green inside

I’m a massive fan of indoor plants, providing they are cared for and thrive.  I preach their many benefits to all and sundry, so why not post about it I say, along with some pretty pictures of course. There are so many reasons why greenery should be brought indoors, and before I get on to all the benefits from a ‘visual’ perspective let’s for a moment consider the health benefits.   I found this great post at on Life and Livingness – by Tom that lists 6 Air Purifying House Plants.

Among them are the Snake Plant – great for bedrooms as it helps to maintain a healthy amount of oxygen near you whilst you sleep.  Also great for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products.           

Image via home-designing.com

The Gerber daisy will thrive in your laundry or bedroom, and is great for filtering out the benzene that comes with inks.

Image via mnn.com

The Areca Palm – great for living rooms, as it is an excellent air humidifier, removes Carbon Dioxide and toxins from the air.

The Peace Lily, one of my favourites, is known for removing mold spores, so great in the bathroom or laundry.

Image via mnn.com

Ok, so on to the ‘aesthetics’.  I hear so often, comments such as ‘I know my house/room needs something, but I just don’t know what’, or ‘I just don’t know what to put in the corner!’.  There might be many reasons, from a design perspective, for these comments, but more often than not, a gorgeous plant of some description, be it Palm, Fiddleleaf Fig, Cactus or any other variety in a gorgeous pot will add some personality and life to the space.

Plants add height to a room.  They offer something that will draw the eye up.  A room full of furniture all at the same height can be ho-hum.  Hence the use of artwork, mirrors, floor lamps and plants, to not only add colour, texture, light and movement, but to also allow the eye to travel across a room at varying heights – creating interest.  

In the image below, (and yes, I would be happy to take any one of the elements, on it’s own), see how by adding the Fiddle Leaf Fig the eye is drawn up, past the height of the light fixture, and you notice the incredible height of the ceiling.  The Fig is enhanced by the gorgeous sheers and louvers behind, and all the patterns and textures work together to create a balanced and harmonious space.  The plant is juxtapositioned perfectly against the sculptural lighting fixture and in a very clever way accentuates the void of space up towards the ceiling.  No question, this would still be a stunning room, without the Fiddle Leaf Fig, but it is all the better for it.

A plant can also offer a sculptural element to a room.  

The Cactus in the picture below works perfectly with the other elements in the space – the mid-century furniture, the sculptural shape of the drop pendants, and the ethnic basket ware and rug.  The wall colour and texture make the Cactus, lighting and furniture pop.  There is enough interest created in this space, purely by these elements alone.

Plants can be used to create symmetry in a room.

In the images below symmetrical balance is achieved with the same plants, both in species, size and visual weight on either side of the room.  In the first and last picture, the plants are placed either side of the focal point of the room (the paintings and fireplace). In the  second picture the plants are placed either side of the couch, leading the eye to the window and beyond. In all pictures, the plants are used to create a comfortable, balanced setting.

Image via isuwanee.com

Plants can be used to add interest to an otherwise ordinary wall/space.

The wall garden is certainly becoming a popular feature in and outside the home, whether it be outside surrounding a decked area, or inside and used in the kitchen for herbs or as a wall feature in a larger space.  Whatever the intended use, the wall garden will add life, colour, movement and interest to the space.

Image via westelm.com

Image via gardenbeet.com

Image via houzz.com

And there is always the option to go all out. This might be where I’m headed.

Image via mixr.se

I think you get the idea.  Better go water my Howea forsterianas and Spathiphyllum cochlearispathum.


Lisa x