It’s a Subway Situation in the Bathroom

I never tire of Subway tiles, I know they have been around forever, well since early-twentieth century anyway. Originally gracing the walls of the subway in New York, who would have thought that they would become a design favourite – creating  such a classic look.  I love the way you can bring a little more edge and attitude to the room by merely having a contrasting grout colour. Personally I love the white subway tile with a dark grout and some gorgeous brass tap ware – for the bathroom.  And it’s the bathroom that I’m interested in at present, as myself and a client embark on their bathroom renovation – with so many ideas that need to be fine-tuned, here’s a few of my favourite images for inspiration.


Image via


Image via Apartment Therapy



Image Via



Image via  Incredible to note that this image is a computer rendering by Studio You Me , so talented.



Image 5 via



201807598_CuLwuTYY_cImage 6 via


Image 7 via


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