Interiors Photo Month on Instagram with Interiors Addict

In case you didn’t know (and I do appreciate the fact not all of us are obsessed with Design Blogs) July was Interiors Photo Month on Instagram.  This idea was adapted by Jen Bishop of Interiors Addict, from a fellow blogger Fat Mum Slim and was such a great way of introducing many of us to the addictive qualities of Instagram.  I had created an Instagram account, but prior to Interiors Photo Month I had taken perhaps 2 photos in total, and they were pretty lame I must say.  By having a crack and playing along with thousands of others throughout the month of July, I gradually got the hang of Instagram and was soon creating some rather arty photos.  Instagram is an app that allows you to add all sorts of wonderful effects to what might be otherwise classified as ‘ordinary’ photos. By uploading your picture onto Instagram, you are allowing others to see your photos and you can also see everyone else’s – well there’s hours of fun right there!

The idea was that each day you are given a key word relating to ‘interiors’, and your challenge was to snap a picture depicting that word and post it on Instagram.  As you can see by the listing below taken from Interiors Addict some key words are pretty broad, others quite specific.  It was a bit of fun, and it actually made me tidy up the house and start to think about the placement of objects a little more, do a little ‘zshooshing’ much to my husbands dismay.  Ok so the house might be back to the shambles it was prior to Interiors Photo Month, but it was fun whilst it lasted, and now the kids get to school on time.  

If you would like to check out my Instagram pics my Instagram handle is @livebreathestyle.

Here are some of the pictures I posted on Instagram throughout July for Interiors Photo Month. 

   Day 3: Bargain

Rattan stool from Ebay ($10)

Day 4: Natural

Elm Dining Table, Kentia Palm, Grassweave basket

Day 5: Couch

Favourite spot in the house

Day 7: Candle

‘Circa Home’ and ‘Have You Met Miss Jones’

Day 8: Pattern

Gorgeous lighting at Hotel Sorrento

Day 9: Light

Vintage lamp just acquired from my Mother-In-Law

Day 10: Books

The ‘Red’ Collection

Day 13: Bright

Yellow does it every time

Day 16: Bedside

Simple, but works for me.

Day 23: Desk

Wish it still looked like this!

Day 25: New Purchase

Latest purchase from Anthropolgie

Thanks again to Jen Bishop at Interiors Addict, was a lot of fun.


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