Tribal Fashion

The Tribal Fashion wave is certainly gaining momentum, and by the time Spring/Summer 2012 hits our shores we’ll all have made friends with our statement ‘bib’ necklaces, aztec patterned pants and will be going all out with a head-to-toe print affair. No?  Come on, Tribal fashion is so much more exotic now.  It has certainly been around for some time, I’ll give you that, but has progressed from ‘animal prints’ and the ‘safari inspired’ look to a more artistic mix of African inspired  prints.  It seems pretty much anything goes. 

You could opt for a statement accessory such as the ‘bib’ necklace

I can’t promise you’ll look like this, but I do rather like this photo…and the necklace.

Ok, so let’s move on to footwear shall we?

If wedges are your caper, get a load of these babies.

Or if flats are more your thing, try these on for size.

This Spring/Summer clothing designs are fun and elegant, and the beautiful exotic colours have a gorgeous effect. Prints are also embellished with beads and shells, there seems to be no limits to where you can take this trend. To play it safe you could choose one piece with an exotic/vibrant print and play that down with a coordinating colour in a skirt, top or pants.  To take it further you could combine prints that have either similar or coordinating colours.  It’s all in the way you walk anyway, walk with conviction and you’ll pull it off.

Mara Hoffman


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