Kilim the cold out

Ok so I know it’s going to get a hell of a lot colder, and I do actually enjoy winter, really I do, but I’m just not ready for it right this minute! The backyard has been damp for what seems like months, my skin is all pasty, it’s dark by the time we get home from school pick-up (ok not quite, but close) and I have to literally push the rabbit out the door to get him to venture onto a non-carpeted surface. So have I brightened your day yet?  What about some Kilim cushions? They might help, I’ve been thinking of introducing some into the home decor.  Kilim cushions are made from old hand loomed Persian carpets and Turkish rugs.  The undamaged sections of these vintage rugs are salvaged and resurrected into the form of a cushion and they can come in so many patterns and colours, some faded, some bright.  I have seen these blogged about, pinned, instagrammed and (insert other type of social media here) more and more lately as we get into the colder months. The patterns, textures and colours inject personality, warmth and interest to a space. Here’s some pics to get the point across….

Image from Desire to Inspire

Image from Norrgavel catalogue

Image from The Marion House Book

Image from The Design Files

Image from Domino magazine via Mimi and Meg Blog

Hope these images warmed you up, and here’s one just because I can’t seem to get Italy out of my head… 

The Champagne Bar at Le Sirenuse, in Positano.
Image from


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