Fashion Friday

How can I resist blogging about bright colours with this gorgeous weather we are experiencing here in Melbourne and for Friday, Fashion it is.Β  I always seem to find myself revisiting my favourite Fashion pictures, and I didn’t want to bombard you too much for the first Fashion post (read – it’s getting late and I’ve spent enough time farting around trying to get this post up) so here’s a few pictures. Some I’ve had filed away for some time and some (the shoes) are what’s to look forward to for Spring/Summer 2012, and yes, yes I know it’s a little early for us here, but never hurts to plan ahead, and most of us will need to looking at the prices of some of these beauties…start saving.

What a fun outfit, I might not be able to pull off those sleeves (actually, definitely not), but awesome colour combination - one of my favourites.

Officially obsessed with this colour combination, can't help but lift your spirits, really.

Rag and Bone Apollo Suede High Heels in Aqua

Reed Krakoff Two-tone leather sandals

Juicy Couture Sidnee Strappy Sandals

Neon wristbands and clutch via Pinterest

Layers of fun thrown together


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